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Asia Express Phone Card Review

Asia Express - cheap calling card

Asia Express is one of the cheapest calling cards from ECI INC provider to call to Asia.

This card works within the USA, including Hawaii, and Canada. It can call any country in the world.

Asia Express has low rates and high fees. What to do? One thing compensates another one. This is a law of the industry. All in the day's work. But...

Just this kind of cards is what you should use to save money! Why?

Everything is simple. First, it goes without saying you profit by low rates. Second, you can decrease the fees. That's all.

What can you do to decrease the fees?

Asia Express card has the maintenance fee of 99 ¢ per week. This fee is applied to your phone card's balance at midnight after a first use, then weekly.

So the fewer weeks you consume your calling card the less amount of the maintenance fee will be taken from your balance. Hence forward buy the card of minimal denomination $10 to finish it faster.

Many users buy this kind of calling cards a few times a month and use each card for a few days. So they avoid too much maintenance fee and take advantage of low rates.

Asia Express card has a billing increment of 3 minutes. This is another kind of fees.

Whether you tell with this phone card for 6.01 minutes or 8.99 minutes, all the same your call time will be rounded up to 9 minutes that will be taken from your balance.

In the case of 6.01 minutes, you lose about 3 minutes. A cost of these minutes will be deducted. This is another fee. Avoid these cases.

In the case of 8.99 minutes, you lose nothing. Keep it in mind as a model. Keep the duration of your phone calls as multiple 3, i.e. about 3, 6, 9, etc minutes to save money.

But even with all the fees, Asia Express is still cheaper than many other phone cards. Purchasing it, you will not feel sorry.

You have the right not to believe me. Then check it yourself. The article How to Compare Calling Cards will help you.

See how the Asia Express competes with other cheap phone cards:

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