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Clear Choice Phone Card Review

Clear Choice - cheap calling card

If you do not like a maintenance fee in calling cards, you can be interested in the Clear Choice from ECI Inc provider. It has no connection and maintenance fees.

This card works within USA, including Hawaii, and Canada. It can call any country in the world.

You have not to remember different PINs. Clear Choice is a rechargeable phone card. You can recharge your current card simply by logging into your account.

Clear Choice calling card has a normal billing increment of 1 minute. This is a standard because AT&T phone card provides the same rounding.

In fact, 3-minutes rounding, which is applied to many calling cards, is also available, but worse than 1 minute. But 6-minutes rounding, which is applied too, is too worst. Imagine your phone talk was 18 minutes and 3 seconds in length. Then 24 minutes will be deducted from your card balance. So you will lose the cost of near 6 minutes. As you can see this is another kind of extra fees.

So the more billing increment your card has, the more money will be taken from your balance.

On the other hand, cards with 1-second or 6-second billing increments are almost never cost effective because of the higher per minute rates you get charged.

Thus, one-minute rounding provided by the Clear Choice is the most organic and available for calling cards consumers. It's a standard.

As mentioned above Clear Choice phone card has no a maintenance fee. It means that you can use the card calmly, without a hurry. You do not have to worry about your calling card balance going down if you do not call.

You can quietly add money to your balance and do not worry: any fee will never be taken from it.

Many people ask this card and buy it. If you choose the Clear Choice phone card as well, this will be a good choice.

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