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Eurotel Phone Card Review

Eurotel is another cheap calling card prepaid online from ECI INC provider.

Eurotel is available both for calls within or to the USA, Canada or Caribbean and for international calls.

Eurotel is a rechargeable phone card. Rechargeable means that you can add more time to your phone card PIN by recharging it online.

As this card is pretty eurotelligible, we will not go into detail. It's only possible to point out the PINless dialing feature. This is the service when you can register your phone number online and then the system will recognize this number without PIN. You never have to enter the hard-to-remember PIN.

Although the eurotelligence service does its job well, all the same such little thing as the speed dial function looks like a good addition. We can simply dial with one button click. However, Eurotel calling card has also a maintenance fee that brings a known correction in a tactics of its use.

Of course, this card will be useful for eurotelligent users too. But it would be right to remember that Eurotel provides one of the cheapest services. And due to that fact, we cannot look at this card as a trivial thing.

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