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Globetrotter Phone Card Review

Globetrotter phone card
Recharge Option Yes
PINless Calling No
Rounding 3 min
Connection Fee No
Maintenance Fee No
Service Fee 10%
Expiration 300 days
Payphone Surcharge $1 per call
Local Access Numbers Yes


  • Globetrotter calling card prepaid online has the relatively small amount of imposed fees - only a service fee and minute rounding (payphone surcharge is counted out). Many other good phone cards even have more fees.
  • Globetrotter's network is provided by NTC very reliable company
    that provides excellent call quality.
  • Globetrotter phone card works from Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada.
  • Globetrotter Access Numbers:
    USA (Continental): 1-866-623-5734
    More USA & International Access Numbers

>>> Use the Globetrotter Access as wide as possible

Calling Instructions
for Globetrotter Phone Card

  1. Dial access number and wait for a prompt.
  2. Enter PIN, wait for a prompt.
  3. Dial your destination number.
    For calls to/within the USA and Canada, press: 1 + (area code) + (phone number).
    For international calls, press: 011 + (country code) + (area code) + (phone number).
  4. To make another call, do not hang up; press the star key (*) twice, then repeat step 3.
>>> Put the Globetrotter Instructions in practice again and again

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