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Phone Calls Through PC

You can place local and long distance phone calls from your PC to any phone in the world.
You just need a computer with the necessary accessories or any other SIP equipment and the Internet connection.
It doesn't matter where you are - the rates depend only on the destination country you call.
Making phone calls via PC, you avoid long-distance charges imposed upon by the big telecommunication companies and many of the governmental taxes and fees as well.
There are no extra fees.
Download a Softphone from a service provider for free.
Online account management: view calls, payments, and more online.

  • Sound card
  • Headphones or external speakers
  • Microphone
  • Internet connection 64 Kbps +
Four easy steps to use PC to Phone Service:
  1. Check system requirements
  2. Download and install Softphone from a service provider
  3. Test connection
  4. Open PC to Phone account
To make phone calls from PC, use Vivaldi card or Continental card.

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