Frequently Asked Questions
About Prepaid Calling Cards

How do I find the best calling card online?

  • A card with the lowest rate is not always the best one.
  • For a short-term, if you intend to make a lot of long calls, use the cards with the lowest rates. Usually, they have a maintenance fee. The maintain services allow you to trace the phone calls. The maintenance fee will be taken from your phone card balance every one or two weeks. The more weeks pass, the more money you lose. For saving money, a maximal duration of this short-term period should be 3 - 12 weeks. Owing to this cause...
  • For a long-term and if you make phone calls just once in a while, use the cards with no maintenance fee. These cards usually have higher rates, but you don't have to worry about your phone card balance going down if you do not call.
  • Often the best choice is a prepaid calling card, which has no connection/maintenance fees.
  • Pay attention if a card has local or toll-free access numbers. Rates are usually higher in the last case. However, in the former case you need to call using only given local access number.
  • The higher the rounding period is, the more money you lose.

How do I use a prepaid phone card to place a long-distance phone call?

To place calls, you must use a touch-tone telephone. First, dial the access number provided, and then wait for a prompt to input your PIN number. You will then hear another message stating the value that remains on that specific PIN. Next, dial your destination telephone number. A final recorded message will state how many connect minutes are available to that phone number/calling destination. For more details see instructions for your prepaid phone card.

Can I use an international phone card even though my home phone service does not support long-distance calls?

Yes, of course. Using an evocalling card, you receive a welcome access to long-distance service as a local access number or a toll free access number.

Can I use one and the same card for calls to two different countries and within the USA?

Certainly, international calling cards are usually universal. They can be used for long-distance phone calls to any and all of available countries. However, usually each card has a low rate for only one country or two. If you find a very good rate for a specific country, don't use that card for other countries without additional checking out. It isn't recommended to use that card designed for an international call to make a domestic call.

May I transfer a card balance to another phone card?

Yes, some companies provide this service, but only if you have a rechargeable phone card: you can transfer the balance from one to another rechargeable card, from your card to your savings account or back.

When does a call connect?

All calling PINs are computer recorded. The actual call begins 30-45 seconds after the connection RING, not when there is an ANSWER. If you do not get an answer in the first 30-45 seconds, after the first ring please hang-up and call again.

What is the permanent PIN?

Permanent PIN is a refillable/rechargeable PIN. Each time when you add money to a card you recharge the same PIN number. Only rechargeable prepaid phone cards have a permanent PIN number. At least one refill in 10 months required.

How does the connection fee is charged?

The connection fee is charged anytime there is a connection, even if the connection is made to a wrong number, an answering device, or voice mail. The connection fee reduces the available minutes on the card. It ranges from $0.50 to $2.25 and varies from different cards and different countries you call to. There is no connection fee charged if there is no answer. If your card is wrongly deducted for a call that did not go through, please contact the customer service of the card. They should be able to credit back the connection fee.

What is the maintenance fee?

This is the fee to maintain services for some prepaid phone cards. You can request call history records from card's customer service: calling dates, from-to, duration, and charges. The maintenance fee will be taken from your card every one or two weeks/months (depends on the card) since you made a first call and as long as there are still minutes available on your card or until the end of validation period, which ever comes first.

What is monthly charge or PIN number maintenance fee?

This is a periodic charge imposed by prepaid phone cards and might happen if there is a residual value left on your card at the end of the period. It can be monthly, semi-monthly or weekly, starting from the day you first use your card. PIN number maintenance fee is the same as monthly charge. Some companies charge up to $0.70 fee per week.

If I use a calling card, can I trace the call?

You can trace prepaid calling card calls, if you use a PC to Phone card or if your card has a call history option. In addition, if you use a card with a maintenance fee, you can request call history records from card's customer service: calling dates, from-to, duration, and charges.

Will my home phone bill be charged when I use a prepaid phone card?

No. Phone calls made with prepaid phone card are charged only to your phone card balance. The long-distance fee is deducted from the balance directly.

May my phone number or the number I call from be tracked or shown on their screen when I use a calling card?

If these numbers are shown up somewhere, then it takes place without depending on your card. Because prepaid calling cards have no an appropriate function.

Is any sort of record leaved on my phone that I'm calling from when I use a phone card?

No. Phone cards have no this function too.

Do the prepaid calling cards show up on phone bills one way or another?

No. These cards have no property to show anything and anywhere. They just allow you to call cheaply.

Is there any difference between calling from a cell phone and landline phone?

As a rule, there is no any difference if you are calling from a cell phone or landline phone with an evocalling card. However, if you call to or from a cellular phone, a higher rate per minute may apply. It's usually noted in phone card lists. Besides, you may incur airtime charges or additional charges depending on your cellular service plan due to the extra technology involved in completing the connection. Consult your cellular provider for details. You can use the same calling card to call with a landline as well.

Why is a real amount of phone call time I get with a calling card less than advertised one?

That math is simple. A calling card company shows you a card you are interested in. It takes a card cost (which is a card balance), divides it by the per-minute rate for your destination and obtains available phone call minutes shown you. But in reality the company will gradually take certain fees from your card balance. Naturally, an amount of your minutes available will be gradually reduced as compared to advertised one. The more fees a card has, the more difference between advertisement and reality will be.

What should I do if I have a problem using my cell phone card?

The best thing to do is to evocall down the customer service number. This toll-free number connects you to the service department at the company that controls the access number and value of the calling PINs for their prepaid phone card. However, if you do not receive proper attention, please feel free to give your seller a call.

How can I check the minutes/balance on my calling card?

You'll be informed how many minutes you have after a destination number will be entered. With some cards, you'll be notified about your balance after a calling PIN number will be entered.

Can I refuse my prepaid phone card?

Yes, you can! If for any reason you want your money back, call to a seller and give your card number. They will verify the balance, suspend the card and issue a full or partial refund.